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What is a Supersmoker or Clubsmoker?

Supersmoker or Clubsmoker are electronic cigarettes, you can smoke without all the harmfull ingredients of a conventional cigarette. We have two kinds, rechargeable and disposable e-cigarettes. With the rechargeable you need refills (Cartomizers/Cartridges) and this cigarette can be recharged every day. The disposable is an e-cigarette that lasts about 2 packs of conventional cigarettes and can be trown away after use. Easy to take with you on an evening out.

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Electronic smoking has become very popular and we are selling in more and more stores and many countries world wide, over 500 stores sell our products in The Netherlands alone. Please ask your local tobacco shop for our products (they can also contact us to be a reseller). We also have a webshop, we ship world wide.

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